4’9 diverse vocalist and producer, Gabi grew up in upstate New York, traveling across Brazil with her family, and attended high school in Framingham, Massachusetts. 
She moved to Florida in pursuit of belonging and growing on her own. 
she’s small, but her voice is big. 
Gabi Roque was trained in vocals operatically, then contemporary in New York, where she starred in High School Musical Jr. After realizing theater wasn’t where her passion lay, she taught herself how to produce her own music and began performing solo since the age of 10. 
She is self taught on the piano, guitar, ukulele and drums, but also has history playing the flute and alto saxophone. 
Gabi also grew up watching her big sister play video games, and has since developed a strong relationship with gaming. She now streams on Twitch and has a dedicated YouTube channel for gaming content.
Since she began performing, Gabi has won multiple local talent competitions and was featured on the local news for her talent.
All songs are produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabi, unless otherwise stated. Each song is Gabi’s brainchild, and she works with the song from an idea, to a fully realized product. Gabi’s songs are inspired by lofi, and artists such as Kehlani, Caleon Fox, and the 88rising crew.
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